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Сценарий конкурса чтецов на английском языке в детском саду

Daniel: — Good afternoon, our dear friends! Welcome to our Reciting Poetry Contest.

Today we’re going to recite the sonnets of William Shakespeare in English and their translations of famous Russian poets.

Ksenia: Участники выступают парой – первый ученик читает наизусть сонет на английском языке, второй – его перевод.

Жюри оценивает каждого по следующим критериям: первого (английский) – получает оценку за технику (произношение, правильность и знание текста), второй – получает оценку за артистизм, за впечатление.


It’s a contest, so let me introduce you our Jury:

The Literature teacher – Elena Evgenievna Talina

The English teacher – Elena Yurievna Volkova

The director of our school theater – Olesia Vladimirovna Dudnik.

The Members of our jury will put you two marks: for the pronunciation and good knowledge of the English text and the second mark will be for the impression.

Every performance will be accompanied by the beautiful music of Michael Tariverdiev, a famous Soviet composer, who wrote soundtracks for many Russian films. He was so much inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnets, that he composed music for them either.


Well, I want to begin our contests with the words of a famous English Romantic poet, William Wordsworth: « Shakespeare’s sonnets are keys, and with these keys Shakespeare unlocked his heart»

So, let’s try to unlock not only Shakespeare’s heart but ours either.

Our first pair is Шелонина Алесксандра и Михайлова Ирина, 7А класс, №7


Thanks a lot.

Jury is putting their marks,


Daniel Tasia will tell us some facts of Shakespeare’s biography.

Taisia: The great English playwright and poet W. Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in a small town of Stratford-upon- Avon about 75 miles from London. He was the son of a tradesman. When a boy he went to Grammar school. In those days Stratford was often visited by traveling groups of actors and William was impressed watching performances.

He left town at the age of 21. By that time he was married and had 3 children. In London William joined a theatrical company and worked as an actor and a playwright. At the end of 90-ies a new theatre called “ The Globe” was built on the bank of the Thames. W. . Shakespeare became one of it’s owners and his plays were staged there. The theatre was very popular. In 1613 Shakespeare left London and returned to his native town where died.

Daniel Thank you, Taisia.

Let’s continue our contest.


Daniel Pair №2 – Колоскова Екатерина и Кудрявцева Дарья 10Б класс, №120

That was wonderful. Your marks, please.


Daniel And now some words about the sonnets themselves.

Яна: So, sonnet is lyrical poem which consist of 14 lines. There are two main types of sonnets: French or Italian sonnets and English sonnets. The difference is in the form of the poem.

Daniel W. Shakespeare wrote his sonnets nearly 410 years ago. His sonnets were first published in 1609, but they are still popular. There are two main questions that seem interesting for readers: are the sonnets personal and whom are the sonnets devoted to.


Daniel : But, our Third pair is ready, let’s listen to them. Деменьтьева Анастасия и Ратушная Яна 9 класс, №90

Gorgeous! Your marks, please.


Daniel So, Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. They could be divided into two cycles: «Mans Cycle» (sonnets 1 – 126) and «Woman’s Cycle» (sonnets 127 — 154).


Daniel Pair №4 – Ковальчак Анастасия, class 10А, № 90

That was great! Your marks, please.

Daniel «Mans Cycle» is devoted to Shakespeare’s supposed friend, «Woman’s Cycle» is devoted to Shakespeare sweetheart. There are many opinions about these people. The most probably Shakespeare’s friend was Henry Risly or William Herbert. These people arosed all manner of speculation


Daniel Pair №5 – Лимонов Евгений и Лямин Юрий, 11Б, №102

That was stunning! Your marks, please.


Daniel Shakespeare’s sweetheart is known under the name Mery Fitton or Elizabeth Vernon. These women were approximated to the Royal Court. Shakespeare called his sweetheart «Dark Lady» because of her black hair and dark skin. She was not beautiful according to fashion of that time, but Shakespeare loved her very mach.


Daniel Pair №6 – Сафронова Эмма и Лямина Екатерина, 8А класс, №35


That was tremendous! Your marks, please.

Daniel So, Shakespeareэs sonnets are really personal, because he wrote about his soul, his feelings. But we don’t know exactly about the characters of his sonnets. The main themes of his sonnets are spiritual and sexual love, friendship and jealous.


Daniel Pair №7 – Вехов Илья и Трашколв Сергей, 11Б, №130

That was tremendous! Your marks, please.


Pair №8 – Капустина Мария и Викторова Анастасия

That was tremendous! Your marks, please.

Daniel : Now, I’d like to offer you, our dear guests a quiz game. Answer my questions and the best student will get a prize!


a) When did Shakespeare write his sonnets? nearly 410 years ago

b) When were the sonnets first published? in 1609

c) How many sonnets did Shakespeare write? 154 sonnets

d) How many cycles are there in Shakespeare’s sonnets? «Mans Cycle» (sonnets 1 – 126) and «Woman’s Cycle» (sonnets 127 — 154).

e) What were Henry Risly and William Herbert? The most probably Shakespeare’s friend

f) Why did Shakespeare call his sweetheart «Dark Lady»? because of her black hair and dark skin

Great! And the best expert of Shakespeare’s sonnets is……………………………………….

Here is your prize!

That was tremendous! Your marks, please


Daniel Well, we’ve come to the end. While the jury is summarizing the final results, we’ll listen to music.

Shakespeare’s sonnets are popular not only as a part of literature. Many singers and composers worked with them. You’ve already heard the famous song on Shakespeare’s poetry by Alla Pugacheva, at the lesson of Natalia Alexandrovna. And today we want you to listen to the sonnet by a very popular Russian rock-group Be — 2.


(Учащиеся слушают песню « Сонет Шекспира » в исполнении Би-2. Жюри подводит итоги конкурса)

Well, the Jury is ready to announce the results of the contest.

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